„Das Potpourri“ was formerly known as Mos Eisley Broadcasting Station (MEBS) and was a German Blog and Podcast about the Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures games (as you can clearly see from older content). Beginning of 2019, Marius stopped playing X-Wing and therefor as the owner of both the MEBS Blog and Podcast both ceased to exist. His Interest in the game had kind of vanished and shifted to other aspects of live such as: bouldering, climbing, cooking, BBQ and board gaming.

Therefor, he decided to re-start the Blog under a new name which should reflect all his different interests and passions. After a short conversation with a dear friend the „Das Potpourri“ was born because a potpourri is just this, a mixture of many Ingrediens which make up a very tasty and unique whole.

While finding his new social media self Marius also discovert to really like Instagram and got to connect to many people from abroad via Instagram and Twitter. Therefor it was a short way to decide to switch from the German language to English language to reach more people all around the world. As he is not a native speaker, please forgive him for minor mistakes in spelling and grammar.