Beyond the Crag!

Here are some nice thoughts on Eco-Friendly behaviour. Check it out and give it a like.

Not long ago, I posted an informal survey asking our readers if they thought that people in the climbing community were more eco-friendly than the average citizen. A biased survey if ever there was one, most dihedral readers affirmed that people in the climbing community are indeed more eco-friendly than the average citizen. However, there were some who disavowed that notion. This got me wondering how and why some believe that the climbing community is no more environmentally affable than the average Jane.

The more I thought about the naysayer’s stance, the more I began constructing arguments that could support their position. It’s difficult to deny that climbers lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle, but that’s different than saying they aremore eco-friendly. An analogous example can be illustrated through one of my students. Each morning this student shows up with a large can of Monster Energy Drink, and after every…

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