As I probably already stated elsewhere, I love cooking. And I am currently getting into outdoor-cooking (I need a dutch oven very urgently…). These recepies are quite a challange and fit my taste very well.

Have you ever seen the Food Network television hit show “Chopped”?  If not let me lay it out for you. Contestants get a basket filled with ingredients that don’t exactly go together, and compete to make some kind of Franken-meal out of the mismatched food.  All parts in the basket must be incorporated to make it all come together.

I (Carrot) am giving each member of theDIHEDRAL a “basket” of ingredients to come up with a recipe for a different component of a complete campfire meal.  Since our general focus is based in the outdoors, our kitchen, tools, and ingredients will be restricted to an open fire, 1 liter of water, a knife, and anything in our “basket” i.e. if there isn’t a pan in the basket then we can’t use a pan.

Appetizer (High-Clip)

Basket Contents:

½ package of broken saltines

1 sweet potato

1 can of…

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