A matter of perspective

Throughout the last months and years, there were many occasions after which I had to correct my perspective on my own actions. I attended loads of competitions during my time as an X-Wing player and just recently I kind of started competing in bouldering as I am a member of the German bouldering Bundesliga. Both those hobbies set me on fire and made or make my passion burn.

But as with most things you can compete in, my first tournaments in X-Wing and the first few stops of the Boulder Bundesliga went not so good for me – I thought. I clearly remember my first X-Wing tournament where I came last and have been beaten even by a like 8-year-old child. I felt very bad on that day and instantly thought about giving up on the game (yeah, I kinda emotional about things like this…) but I didn’t and later on, I realized I could learn from this instance. Why is this so? Well, mainly because I could shift my perspective by this horrible tournament. I went 0-4 on that day, meaning I had 0 wins and 4 losses. Therefore, I had two simple goals for the next tournament:
a) finishing at least 1-3 in a 4 game tournament
b) not losing against the same archetypes of opponents armies again.
By that, going into the next tournament, it could only become better and it did! I never came last in a tournament since and shifted my few ever further. In the end, I was even able to play a solid 4-2 standing in the 2018 German National Championship and finish in 50th place.

A very similar thing happened to me when I started competing in my first season of the Boulder Bundesliga in 2019. At the first stop of this comp (it runs from January to December in gyms all over Germany), I could bearly hold on the starting holds of the 15 routes for my class. A very humbling feeling. I could have expected it because I only started bouldering in October/November 2018 but I had higher expectations. Going into the season I (for unknown reasons) felt quite confident I could make it to at least some tops on every stop. Then, I went to the first game day in Cologne and was brought down to earth very fast. In this comp mode, you have to climb 15 routes on every game day. I could barely hold on the starting holds of like 10 out of 15 routes. In the end, I made it to two tops and a zone. First I was not very impressed by myself but after a second thought, I realized that getting two tops was a great success! At that point, I was only bouldering for maybe 3 months and I could already do some very hard boulders! As you see, I first needed to shift my point of view on my own achievements to realize that they were probably successes, not failures.

That was an important mental ability to learn to not get broken by the „failures“.
I think that’s the point I was gunning for. To stay mentally healthy, check your perspective on the things that matter and maybe shift it to correct your view and find something positive in your so-called failures. That’s the lesson to learn.

What’s your view on such things? Leave a comment and discuss! I am looking forward to your insights.

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