Book Review: Alexander und Thomas Huber – Zwei Brüder, eine Seilschaft

After finishing Tommy Caldwells book „Push“ a few weeks ago I decided that I wanted more. More climbing literature, more bigwall adventures, more expeditions into foreign countries. But this time I wanted to read something about european or even German climbers. Therefor I decided to read the biography Zwei Brüder, eine Seilschaft, a book about the world famous German „Huberbuam“.

First, lets talk numbers: I bought the hardcover version from Thalia for 22,00 EUR. The (german) book has 272 pages with many full color pictures in the middle of the book. The cover shows a picture of the two brothers. It was written by French author Francois Carrel.

To understand the drive of the two brothers Carrel does not start with describing their childhood but with there fathers youth on a farm in Bavaria (Germany). It was Thomas Huber senior who was the first climber in the family with the deep wish to become a professional climber and mountaineer. He was the one who later on rouse the passion for climbing, mountaineering and an outdoor livestyle in his sons and taught them what the needed to become two of the best climbers of their generation. Throughout the book Carrel describes all the biggest career highlights of the „Huberbuam“ as well as their failures and concerns. We accompany Alexander and Thomas through joy and sadness, through absolut height of fitness and many surgeries, through new friendships and the loss of friends in deadly accidents.

As this book was written by a biographer and not by the brothers themselves, the tone is a bit different from a self written book. Carrel does not really know what Alexander and Thomas where thinking and feeling in certain situations or phases of their lives and therefor sometimes sound very speculative. They main focus of the book are discriptions of the biggest succeses of the brothers together as well as solo. Setbacks are mentioned but quickly shrug of by the author. Throughout the book it seems like nothing can stop the Huberbuam, not even heavy injuries or personal difficulties. They gather success after success and build their legacy, that’s how they are depicted. And that’s what made me feel kind of weary up to the end of the book.

As a conclusion I can say that the book is an easy read through and gives a very good overview about all the adventures and successes of the Huber brothers throughout their whole carrier up until the most recent years. It is very enjoyable to read and makes the reader want to go on an adventure. I can recommend the book to a reader who want’s to get an overview about the brothers. But for a more authentical view on their lives it’s probably best to read the books they wrote themselves.

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