Gym Review: Boulder Island Mannheim

As I was on a business trip to Ludwigshafen for two weeks I had to check out the Boulder Island gym in Mannheim to keep up my form and to have a look into a differnt bouldering gym.

But first of all let’s talk numbers. Here are some facts and figures about the Boulder Island:

The have about 250 routes set, 50 Beginner, 50 Amateur, 60 Advanced, 50 Semi-Professional and 40 Professional. They also have a top rope climbing wall with the possibility for lead climbing. Entrace fee for adults is 10,- Eur. Climbing shoes and chalk bags can be rent for a small fee.

As per kletterradar the gym seems to have a outdoor climbing area. I can’t confirm that as I didn’t check.


The hight of the walls differs from about 3 m up to ca. 5 m on the highest block. Many of the walls are overhanging in different angles or even have a roof to climb through. The gym is large enough to not be overrun in the evening. A big plus is that they have carpet floor on the matt. The carpet absorbs a large amount of the chalk dust and rubber abrasion and therefor keeps walls and holds comparatively clean. Most of the drop zones are big enough that you can walk through them without beeing to near to the walls which is pretty nice because it keeps climbers and non climbing folks more safe. The setting style in gehe gym is very diverse and has everything from nice beginner routes with huge holds over nice sloper routes up to very hard routes with the smallest of crimps.

Another nice feature of the gym is the training area. The have everything from a nice 45° Moonboard, over different boards for finger training up to sling trainer and campus board. The possibilities are very good for a very complete training.

All in all I can absolutly recomend a visit to Boulder Island if you are in the area. I would not travel to Mannheim just to visit the gym but it’s a very good gym to drop by when you are in the area.

Find my pictures of the gym here:

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