Starting all over again

It has been a long break since my last article on Since then so much changed in my life that I decided to no longer blog on MEBS and to stop the project of the X-Wing Blog and Podcast. Therefore, there won’t be any new X-Wing related content anymore – at least at the moment. Due to major changes in my life (bad breakup, moved to a different city, new job, new hobbies) I stopped playing X-Wing and started bouldering and cooking as my hobbies.  But after a few weeks, I found my appetite for writing becoming stronger again. So the time had come to decide what to do about MEBS and the podcast and if I still wanted to write and produce a podcast for a not very responsive audience.
As described above, I decided to no longer go on with MEBs. It was a nice project and I loved working with Heiko but the very tight corset we gave us ourselves by choosing to only write and podcast about X-Wing did no longer fit my lifestyle and the idea I had for my blog. I wanted to change something and start all over again.
The first big change I took was to stop podcasting. It always was much fun but also a very big workload and our audience was never very responsive so we never really knew whether the show was appealing or not. Because of the missing non-existing feedback and interaction with the listeners, I decided to stop this project.
The second major change is to – as you might have noticed already – change the language in the blog from German to English. By this, I want to open up my writing, my ideas, and my life for a wider audience to share with.
Third, I decided to widen the field of topics I will write about. In the past, I only wrote about the X-Wing game or related topics. In the future up from now, I will write about everything that gets my interest. at the moment this mostly is bouldering, fitness, and cooking but there will still be board game related content but in a more general kind of way. Also, there will be things like book reviews, climbing gym reviews, articles about the Boulder Bundesliga and so on. That’s why I also chose to change the name of the Blog from MEBS to as it will be just that – a wide and wild mixture of ingredients that make up me.
Fourth, there will probably not be a strict regularity in the content I will post. In the past, with MEBS we tried to put up a new episode every three weeks and a blog article in between episode. By trying to stick to the schedule I inflicted much stress and pressure on myself in a way that I lost all the fun and passion for the project. But if you want to see what I am doing in between my blog articles, you can follow me on Instagram! I post about the same things as on the blog there. Also, I will use Instagram to add pictures to my articles. So, follow me there and have a look. At the moment I have enough ideas for a few articles so there will be something up every week I hope. But if I don’t keep up the pace don’t be mad with me, just keep an eye on the blog, it will go on, I promise.

For now, I have several articles pre-written and will set them to publish once a week every Friday. Here is a preview of what’s to come:
– a book review on „The Push“ by Tommy Caldwell
– an article about the importance of resting
– a movie review on „The Dawn Wal“
– another book review, this time on a book about the „Huberbuams“
– some reviews on the Boulder Bundesliga and the gyms it’s held in.

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2 Gedanken zu “Starting all over again

  1. Okay, time has come.
    I’ll take this opportunity to thank all our listeners and the people that helped keeping project ‚MEBS‘ alive. Either by reaching out to us via Social Media or even in person on tournaments.

    Some might ask if I want to keep it up on my own, but the simple answer is No. First and foremost it has always been Marius‘ project and – though my position as a co-host expanded here and there – I simply don’t want to jump in as a ‚filler‘.
    Second argument I have to admit to, my overall love for X-Wing has immensely waned since the release of 2.0. I still play X-Wing with „‚the Ewoks‘ and friends and still go to tournaments, but it’s way less than in the past four, almost five, years – O_o geez such a long time.
    I always had that silly idea switching from player to judge, but that’s something just floating around somewhere in the back of my head for a while.
    My main focus right now is on to my family’s future and time with friends, hence still playing boardgames.

    Alright, wishing y’all people a good time reading this Blog. And maybe we’ll meet on a tourney next time.
    Leaving you with this (lesser known) song of the J Geils Band:

    … and be casual!

    Gefällt 1 Person

  2. Thanks for the kind words, man! As I already told you: you are always welcome as guest author on the blog! Just give me a short notice if you have something to write about.


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